"You Look at A. A Looks at You." - Solo Exhibition

I create tactile and visual art by juxtaposing various materials to allow for viewers to re-experience the textural reality of daily life.

Certain works can express a concrete reality or shift in context due to new information.

This is because I try to refine the fragmentary senses.

Words are the surface of everything, phenomena and emotions.

Emotion is something that is not easy to be verbalized; it should be quivered before the notion of things.

Today seems to be an era in which you can live just by choosing from a vast variety of options.

We sometimes need to recognize that ignorance and knowledge are not related to life. Therefore,

I use every opportunity to re-experience and re-contextualize what has been overlooked by the verbalization of art.

Some works can stop the viewer from thinking about "What this works stand for?" then he/she awakens the sense of ‘meiji izen’ (1) lies deep inside the human soul.


I create an opportunity for you to know that we all need to feel before choosing knowledge as a human and animal.

(1) Chuya Nakahara, ‘Geijutsu-ron Oboegaki’












(1) 中原中也「芸術論覚え書き」の一節