"Talking" - Group Exhibition

29-30 April, 2018  |  Spiral Hall : SICF19 - A, Tokyo

Ayumi Tsukagoshi and KeiichiroTanaka have had a long relationship. And we are artists.


We have been discussing and sharing a great deal of information, such as each others art, life, thoughts, and feelings about the society we find ourselves.


Within our daily casual talking, there are various types of reactions, and a specific air is created which transforms into a flow. Then, All of these give back to myself.


We have many different nature. For example, we have a difference in age, life rhythm, hobby, and life preference. Each of our expressions develops into various, colors, densities, and sides, proving to identify as vastly different. Even in this moment, such differences can be seen.


By facing each other without stepping away from our differences, we can share the beauty of unknown senses and discoveries. Therefore, we are growing up one more step by influences such as a change of opinion, cohesion, and reconsideration.


Through this exhibition, it is our aim to provide the understanding that expressions are never unilateral, and that and that an artist is more than just one person.


The artist inside is created by more than just “the self.”

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